For thousands of years some form of massage or laying on of the hands has been used to heal and soothe our bodies. Today, more and more health care professionals are now urging the use of regular therapeutic massage. Its medical value is well documented. At Grace Body Works, my unique blend of massage and bodywork techniques creates a specialized and individual treatment just for you.

I began experiencing and learning bodywork from my Grandma, Ruth. She introduced me to reflexology at the age of 15. At the time I was suffering from stomach problems and was diagnosed with an ulcer. After taking every medicine available I reluctantly tried reflexology. It was the only treatment that relieved my pain. My passion for the healing art of touch began.

I became obsessed about Exercise, Nutrition and Bodywork. I studied Acupressure, Swedish, Thai, Deep Tissue and Pregnancy massage and Structural Bodywork, techniques. I’m certified, Licensed, and Insured.

My intention is to assist people in alleviating their pain, improving sleep, reducing the effects of stress and anxiety and to bring comfort and balance in their every day lives.

Christina Grace - Bodyworks, Massage